Ghettomonton, One Shot One Kill


With the tattoos and Canon Rebel, I had a few thousand dollars in hardware draped around my neck.

I moved to Edmonton at the end of the summer in 2016. I’m a student by choice and a loser and a shitty mechanic by trade. My tenure on the tools came to an end in 2015. Since then I’ve been clawing a path through an undergrad degree supplemented by the odd paycheque from a nightclub.

Composing photos was never my intent this particular evening. Rather, I point and I shot. One shot, one kill. Whatever came into my peripherals, click. If I found myself setting up to capture a better image, I halted and then continued to walk on. The flash was set high and the lens was fixed. When I wanted a cigarette, I lit a Rooftop Red.

The night floats its own flavour of politics. I didn’t shoot my first image till well after midnight; and I lit the last cigarette of the night an hour to two shy of daybreak.

This is what I killed: