Funky Shaker Cup? How do you clean that?

I don’t like when my shaker cup develops a funky smell. I run, workout, and I’m one of those dudes who drink a protein shake post-run, post-workout, post-anything. Most of the time, I manage to throw my shaker cup under a faucet and rinse out all the un-consumed protein muck. However, I’d been less diligent with the cleansing my cup, and it grew a weird smell.

Replacing my rad shaker cup with a new one wasn’t an ideal option. I’m cheap. And I like the stuff I own. So I opted to excise the foul smelling demons. But I didn’t know how.

I asked my gym guru, good friend, and fellow podcaster what one should do:

Unfortunately, I had half of what Mike’s remedy called for. So I tried other things.

First Attempt

The first thing I tried was running the shaker cup through a dishwasher cycle. I have been warned against doing this. Common knowledge suggests that too many dishwasher baths will distort the threads and sealing of a shaker cup. The heat of a cycle may warp the plastic, so the cup may come out clean, but it may never hold fluid properly ever again. I risked it, however, and my shaker cup came out of a dishwasher cycle still smelling like skunk-y old potatoes.

Second Attempt

The second thing I tried was scrubbing the shaker cup old school style in the kitchen sink. I filled the sink with hot water and consumer dish soap. After I  thoroughly smacked the cup around in the water, I shook a bunch of Comet cleaning powder into the cup. With a little bit of soapy water in the bottom, I used the design of the cup to shake the hell out of the soap-Comet mixture. Then I emptied, rinsed, and hand dried the shaker cup. To my dismay, the cup still smelt like savage rotten boots.

Third Attempt

I left the shaker cup to dry on kitchen counter and pondered my situation for a day. I tried another dishwasher cycle, and I tried splashing my shaker cup through another cleaning attempt in the kitchen sink with soap and Comet powder. Alias, my shaker cup had a less intense smell to it. I had reduced the weirdness to a point where I could consume a protein shake from out of it without being grossed out. But I knew better. Anything cup that smells weird is probably not completely safe to drink from.

Fourth Attempt

I remember hearing someone say that the Sun is pretty badass. So the fourth thing I tried was leaving my dried out shaker cup on the window sill. The particular window I used receives an abundance of sunlight throughout the day. I figured that the cosmic rays of the Sun should be powerful enough to neutralize whatever still lurked within my tainted cup. However, my shaker cup’s Sun bath didn’t do anything.

Final Attempt

Finally, the fifth thing I tried was a deep soak in the kitchen sink. I didn’t want to waste a full sink of water on a single cup, so I scrounged up my water bottles and placed them all (caps included) in a sink full of hot, hot water. I dosed the water with a heavy splash of Lemon Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner. I left all the bottles and the cup to soak for the better part of a day. After a cold rinse, I left the bottles and the cup to dry on the kitchen counter. Later that evening, I inspected my shaker cup. It didn’t smell funky anymore, but it did smell like Lysol. And it still smells like Lysol. The deep soak didn’t do anything other than replace one weird smell with another.

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